Early Childhood Provider Services

Parents, children, and Montana's economy rely heavily on quality child care, which both protects children and promotes healthy development. 

Who is eligible to receive services?

Licensed child care centers, family & group homes, and legally certified providers in Big Horn, Carbon, Stillwater, Sweet Grass, and Yellowstone Counties. 

What kind of support is available to child care providers? 

HRDC provides oversight and resources to ensure providers are given the tools they need to remain compliant with state regulations and deliver a safe, affordable and quality service. In addition to trainings we offer:

  • Tips and resources to improve your program; and recruitment, retention and motivation of staff
  • Ideas for low cost marketing, daily schedules and transitions, and how to operate a safe and healthy program
  • How to implement emergency policies and procedures including medication administration and managing infectious disease
  • Resources to provide developmentally appropriate care for infants, toddlers and preschoolers
  • Scholarship programs and Mini Grant Opportunities

    Click here for Mini Grant cover letter (117.7 KB)

    Click here for Mini Grant application (127.7 KB)

  • State and National accreditation, standards, and quality rating and improvement systems
  • We are excited to announce that Montana STARS to Quality is accepting applications! 

    Programs may apply for Best Beginnings STARS to Quality at any time via www.mtecp.org. If your application is accepted, you will be notified and sent a STARS to Quality agreement and W-9 which must be returned in order to be accepted into STARS to Quality.

    If you need assistance, click www.ChildCareTraining.org for a video tutorial.

  • For more information about Montana STARS to quality, visit the website: http://www.dphhs.mt.gov/hcsd/childcare/

    Montana STARS to Quality Announces Free courses (155.5 KB)

  • Best Beginnings STARS to Quality Guidance Document and Procedures (99.4 KB)

  • Best Beginnings Legally Certified Provider
    • What is a Legally Certified Provider (LCP)?

      A Legally Certified Provider (LCP) is a special certification for a friend or family member that cares for up to two children from different families or all the children in one sibling group. The family that is receiving care must be eligible for the Best Beginnings Child Care Scholarship.

      How do I apply to become a Legally Certified Provider (LCP)?

      First, you will only be eligible to become an LCP if the family you are providing child care for is eligible for the Best Beginnings Child Care Scholarship. The family’s application paperwork (which is submitted to the local Child Care Resource and Referral Agency) is separate from your application paperwork. You must submit the LCP application packet to Child Care Licensing: PO Box 202953, Helena MT 59620, pass a criminal background and child and adult protective service checks (which have fees that vary by state), and attend an Online Orientation class within 60 days of your approval. Online Orientation is available for a $15.00 fee from Child Care Resources’ Child Care Training.org. Contact Child Care Licensing: Alex Coe at 444-0479 if you have any questions about the LCP Program.

      LCP Application

      Anyone 18 years of age or older that lives in the provider’s home regardless of location of the child care must also complete a Statement of Health, Release of Information, Fingerprint Disclosure Statement, and In and Out of State background checks. Fees and forms may vary.

      How do I attend Online Legally Certified Provider (LCP) Orientation?

      Please click here to attend the online Legally Certified Provider (LCP) Orientation course hosted by Child Care Resources online training program. Please note that if you are experiencing any difficulties with the website, training or have any questions regarding the online course (computer requirements, fees, course work, etc.), please call Child Care Resources at 406-728-6446, email cct@childcareresources or you may use their contact information on their online training web site. The attached LCP Online Orientation Guide PDF will provide you with additional information about accessing this course.

What services are available to new providers?

What types of services are offered?

What trainings are available to me and how often?

Please see our online Professional Development Calendar or call 406-247-4720 and request a printed training calendar. You can also download a copy of our Professional Development calendar at the links below: 

Professional Development Calendar Oct. 2017-Mar. 2018 (5.9 MB)

Miles City Professional Dev. Calendar Oct. 2017-Mar. 2018 (5.9 MB)

If you are a provider and are looking for information about how to apply to the Practitioner Registry, please click here .

Montana Early Childhood Project: The Montana Career Path

What will I pay for training? 

Training is provided at a modest cost ranging from $10 to $40.  Please see the course calendar for details.

Are there other trainings, outside of what is offered at HRDC?

There are a number of statewide training opportunities for Early Childhood Providers. Click here to view a current list of approved trainings available. A resource library is also available for your use.  For more information on the Early Childhood Career Development Practitioner Registry, click here .

More training opportunities can be found at the Child Care Resources website .

HRDC Child Care Training Policies (244.0 KB)

For more information:

Email: info@hrdc7.org
Phone:  406-247-4720 or 800-433-1411

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